The workshops

What do we draw?

Traditionally, a distinction has always been made between observational drawing and drawing from our imagination.
In my spontaneous drawing workshops we don’t draw pots or bottles.
Based on graphic techniques that anyone can pick up in a few seconds, such as a dot on a blank piece of paper, your imagination will quickly make its voice heard, even if you are convinced it won’t.

I always draw at the same time as the student; I’m not the kind of the teacher who tells you what to do without being able to do it myself. I follow you every step of the way.


In practical terms

We draw from our lived experiences, our fears and desires, our innermost landscapes, the things which make us laugh or cry but which always release us.


Ball point pen, lead pencils, pastels, acrylic paints, colouring pencils, Indian ink using a pen and a brush, walnut stain, dyes, charcoal, artistic blotch method…

We don’t use theory to learn about each technique. It is only through practice, testing and playing that we learn about the tools which are essential for us to express ourselves. The formats range from A4 to 200 x 200 cm

Workshop’s works

Here are a few drawings by some students, whose work speaks louder than any words.

The workshops

Free Studio Visit

You have the opportunity to visit the studio, the opportunity to meet and share among us , to see the artworks, the equipment  This tour is free.

“First Steps” workshop

The first steps workshop (one hour an a half) is aimed at those people who have never taken part in one of my workshops. Its main aims are to get to know each other and to try the method out through a few exercises.
It is available by appointment between 9:00 am and 19:00 pm, from Monday to Friday and Saturday morning.

  • Duration: an hour and half
  • Price : 30€ per person
    (The prices are taxes included. Those who wish can have a certificate.)
  • Equipment included
  • Language : english/french

One to one workshop

At our first meeting, we use a game with water and Indian ink to help us express our expectations, however vague. We will then set out a few themes which will serve as guides. These themes will evolve according to how you feel and how you develop your graphic techniques.

During an individual workshop, the aim is to:

  • get in touch with our inner feelings;
  • assert and surpass ourselves;
  • develop our power of expression;
  • release inner tensions to give access to new cognitive activity;
  • develop our intuition and our creative potential;
  • engage in self-analysis.

Drawing and painting are explored without the pressure of having “to do it properly”.
The method perfected by me, Serge Goldwicht, allows for the development of different parts of your personality.
It has been proven to be a precious tool to help to expose a potential which has long been hidden. We will explore it step by step.
The sessions range from guidance in exploring creativity through to the experience of “letting-go”.

  • Duration: an hour
  • Price : 45€ per person or 35€ for students and claimants
    (The prices are taxes included. Those who wish can have a certificate.)
  • Equipment included
  • Language : english/french

On demand

  • Group workshop
  • Business workshops
  • Longer workshops
  • Training, courses and lectures