For whom?

Who is it for?

  • for those who want release from mental and emotional stress;
  • for those who wish to experience the therapeutic drawing;
  • for those who want to draw spontaneously;
  • for those who study drawing in art, in animation, in architecture, and who want to “unblock” themselves;
  • for those who teach and are looking for a different perspective on artistic creation;
  • for those who are experiencing a creative block or burn-out.

Silence the tyrants

Deep inside us, negative thoughts are hidden like so many predators on our happiness. They are always ready to jump out and present us with plenty of good reasons not to be creative.
Here are some of those tyrants. Some of them will ring bells with you. If you recognise them, remember that by doing spontaneous drawing you can help to silence them.

“I don’t know how to draw!”
“I have no talent…”
“I have no imagination.”
“Whatever I do will never be as good as…”
“I won’t do it properly.”
“I don’t know anything about art.”
“I’m not an artist!”
“My husband (or wife) will laugh at my drawings.”

The creative block

Every creative person knows what it feels like to be blocked, trapped by our own actions, stuck in a rut which leads us round in the same old grooves.
The only thing we must not do is to allow ourselves to give up and feel disillusioned. If we do nothing, we will never find the way out.
To keep on walking is the only thing to do, but in which direction? For all those who feel trapped within their creative block, I offer workshops to reactivate their creative energy.